Step 1/5 Computing parameter

This parameter has an influence on the stability coefficient to be used. The calculation can be used on a linear section or on the bends or round head.
This tool offers the possibility to carry our calculations with the different types of units proposed by CLI ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE II™, ECOPODE™ ans CORE-LOC™.
Two armour slopes can be use for the CLI single layer units (4/3 and 3/2). However, for the calculation with the Hudson formula, the calculateur considers an armour slope of 4/3. The slope chosen by the designer will be integrated for geometrical considerations (number of rows).
The concrete density should not be overestimated in order to be lower than the minimum measured density on site.
Validity range [2250-2500 kg/m³]
Sea water density.
Validity range [1000-1040 kg/m³]
The significant wave height (Hs) is H1/3 (average of the highest 1/3 of all wave heights). Attention should be paid to the difference between H1/3 and Hmo (spectral significant wave height).
Validity Range [2-12 m]
Breaking waves influence significantly the stability of the armour units and must be taken into account. If yes please indicate the seabed slope mean value in the box which will appear on the right side.
The seabed slope is estimated taking into consideration the mean seabed slope in front of the structure. In case of non-breaking waves, the seabed slope does not influence the calculation results.
Validity range [0-10 %]
The bottom level of the armor is the level where the first row of units is placed. Total height of the structure must be less than 35m.
Upper level of the armour. Total height of the structure must be less than 35m.

Step 2/5 Armour unit size estimation

Step 3/5 Underlayer

Choosen volume
Choosen underlayer (NLL and NUL)
Nb:It is advisable to respect the following ratio 2<NUL/NLL<3

Step 4/5 Results

  0 m³
  0 m³
  0 t
  0 m
  0 m
  0 m
  0 m³/100m²
Underlayer selected (NLL - NUL)
  0 - 0 t
  0 m

The information generated using this computing tool is only indicative and should only be used as an initial approach.
Simulations may help clarify some of the main parameters but cannot be used directly to establish the actual basis for the armour design.
The Designer remains totally responsible for the complete analysis and definition of the armour design.
CLI will provide assistance and advice for all stages, when required, on issues that can influence the final design.

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